Nightfall: Escape to be showcased at Casual Connect Asia 2015

Since March, Nightfall: Escape has been receiving good feedbacks and recognitions in several game communities all over the world.

Yet, opportunities just kept on knocking to our door. This time, Indie Prize has chosen Nightfall:Escape as one of the 79 games to be showcased at Casual Connect Asia 2015 一Singapore this May 19-21. Last 2013, Zeenoh already participated in this event when their first ever Filipino themed game “Patintero Playtime” has been chosen to be highlighted together with the other 65 games developed by independent game developers all over the world. According to JD Abenaza, the CEO, it was truly a great opportunity for he also had the chance to share his thoughts on the future of game development in the Philippines. To wrap it up, this big news became a new source of inspiration for the team to make the game better. So continue supporting and tuning in to get more of the biggest news and updates about the much awaited game