Nightfall: Escape wows crowd at LVL UP EXPO Las Vegas

Nightfall: Escape once again proved its potential to revolutionize the international video game industry as Zeenoh Games exhibit the game on this year’s LVL UP EXPO, May 30-31, Cashman Center, Las Vegas. The event was attended by several gamers and even game enthusiasts from Las Vegas. Anthony Perlas, Zeenoh’s Community Manager in Las Vegas, presented the game to the crowd and impressed all the attendees who had the chance to experience Nightfall:Escape.

The crowd, especially the Filipino-Americans appreciated the game’s unique horror experience given that the game’s plot is rooted from Asia’s vast collection of supernatural mythologies. Not just that, the game also opens a big opportunity for the Aswang globalization. Hence, giving us a much bigger opportunity to impart Philippine culture to the world.

LVL UP, a non-profit organization based on Las Vegas spearheads this annual gaming extravaganza to showcase various games, new technologies, and even anime trends. This year’s EXPO, sponsored by several leading game and technology companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Funimation Entertainment, is jampacked with awesome events including game tournaments and a rip-roaring cosplay event.